Who We Are

Since i-Slingshot's inception in 2006, we have been a pioneering force in the direct marketing industry.


Our relentless drive to comprehend and predict consumer purchasing trends combined with our strong network of strategic partnerships has granted us the opportunity to exceed the expectations of our clients – time and time again. This is what led i-Slingshot.com to become one of the fastest-growing Advertising & Marketing agencies in the United States.

Through an uncompromised synergy, i-Slingshot integrates every aspect of a marketing campaign with an ecosystem of services offered all under one roof, each crucial to the next's success. We take a truly holistic approach to marketing with a diligent emphasis on every aspect. From our analytically driven creative team, thorough testing and optimization to our advanced technology and innovative executions, i-Slingshot's experienced entourage of marketing experts and vertical specialists know what it takes to be successful.